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Labyrinth Legend is a retro style RPG game developed by Shinobi Games.
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16 May 2021
4.4 and later versions
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Labyrinth Legend is a retro style RPG game developed by Shinobi Games. The game has been released on PC, smartphones, and the Nintendo Switch console. From our review, you will not only find out the details about the game, but you will also be able to download the latest version of the modified version of the APK file.

About the plot in Labyrinth Legend

The game, like most Dungeon Crawlers, doesn’t place much emphasis on the plot. The action takes place in the kingdom of Kanata, located at the end of the world. It attracts many daredevils from all over the world who are trying to take possession of the inexhaustible treasures hidden in the local labyrinth. Unfortunately, there are also countless dangers lurking there, and as a result, no one has yet succeeded in reaching their goal. Our character is a lone traveler who is trying to overcome the maze.

Gameplay in the game

Labyrinth Legend is a classic dungeon with arcade combat system. During the game, our task is to explore the maze. The character we control can use different types of weapons, and each type of weapon is fought in a different way. The content is procedurally generated, which means that the location of the rooms and the location of the enemies are different for each session. Moreover, even the set of bosses’ abilities is changing .

In addition to exploring the labyrinth (or rather labyrinths, because there are several of them, and each of them offers different types of problems), where we fight and solve simple puzzles (for example, finding keys), the game also implements a patent with an expansion of the base. This applies to the city, which is the local base.

It is worth noting that Labyrinth Legend can be played alone or with another person in cooperative mode.


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