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Join two brave points on their journey through the arctic tundra, navigate fierce jungles and dive into the depths of the ocean in the # 1 game in over 100 countries.
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20 May 2021
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After starting the Two Dots game, we will have a short guide, which the game introduces us to. Here, the mechanics of the game will be explained to us in just a few steps. Although, to be honest, the game is not the most difficult. The player must connect dots of the same color vertically and horizontally. However, we cannot connect the points diagonally. Sequences of items disappear after you slide your finger over them. Thus, we can remove dots of the next color from the board.

More about the game Two Dots

Each level begins with instructions as to the number of pieces that will appear on the board. We will also find out how many dots of certain colors we have to remove. The number of movements that you should limit yourself to will also be important information. Unnecessary movements can derail our plan of perfect level completion.

Connecting the dots is fun, but the mechanic is as old as the world. The player must plan his moves so that a certain number of dots of the correct color disappear from the board. At the same time, this is not too intellectual entertainment, and we manage to overcome the following levels relatively quickly and efficiently.

It also has a rating system and conditions for accessing the next level . There are also special tasks that give additional bonuses. Thus, the game keeps us in front of the screen longer. However, this is a small «trap» because after a few minutes of fun we may end up with our lives. Then the wait-or-pay principle comes into play, which, of course, is linked to the micropayment system.

Should I download the game?

Two Dots is a truly successful puzzle game based on ancient mechanisms. The minimalism of the levels perfectly matches the atmospheric graphic design that accompanies us from level to level. If you are looking for a fun game for the minute, Two Dots is for you.


Continuous improvements to stability and performance.


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